#1527578, By Xensor All Couriers Must Die

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    Some horror stories to relate:

    I live in a small block of flats which has one communal entrance that opens onto a flight of stairs. Being the ONLY fire exit it has to stay clear at all times. I ordered a widescreen telly that got delivered by Amtrak. One blokey jumps out and asks me to give him a hand. Fine i do and we carry it up to the entrance where he unceremoniusly drops it, tells me carrying up the flight of stairs is more than his jobs worth and promptly fucks off, ignoring my shocked arguments that its blocking the only fire escape. Cue me spend half an hour pushing the box that barely fits on the staircase up to the first landing to get it out the way!

    I ordered a new monitor and paid 20 for a saturday delivery guaranteed between 9am-12pm by Initial Shittylink - actually this was on the day of the first england match in the world cup. Up at 8.30am, staring out the window until gone 1pm and the fuckers never showed forcing to book the monday off annual leave for a fucking redelivery!

    In both cases i got my delivery charge refunded :)
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