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    Pirotic wrote:
    Spoilers Ahoy!

    Watched the movie twice now, cracking film and I didn't pick up the 'twists' so enjoyed the ending and made for good viewing a second time around.

    I assumed Borden just had a twin who he had kept secret, as he was in it right from the start of the film from when he sneaks into that girls flat while while she speaks to the other one, and also how he said "I've argued with myself for days over what knot I tied, one half swears it was the langford double and the other is positive it was a ..." etc

    I thought he just said Tesla to throw jackmans character off, they had both attended tesla's presentation earlier on in the time-line remember. Still wouldn't explain why he picked Tesla for his encryption key tho.

    Isn't it based on a novel?

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    +1 to the twin idea.
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