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    Magic Panda wrote:
    If you have Bills Hat, Mac Earbuds or the Sam and Max hat keep hold of them, it seems they are very very valuable in collectors circles.

    You didn't know that before? FUUUUU should've got you to trade your bill's with me before you went to that site ;)

    To anyone else: ignore what he said, it is lies and propaganda. Trade those things with me for scrap metal or something. But seriously if you do have in mind anything you want for your bills/earbud/sam's head etc, let me know: here's my backpack http://www.tf2items.com/id/Sid1an - contact me on Steam or PM me for any offers.

    As for the earbuds, the thing that makes them valuable first and foremost is their rarity. Secondly they just look pretty cool I think. I used to have some that i mainly only used on my scout, but I traded them. I do miss them on my scout though and hope to get another pair at some stage. They go really well with the tossle cap.
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