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    Is there any reason why killing people with the flamethrower grants 3 points? Doesn't seem necessary to me. Also not entirely sure the axtinguisher/postal pummeler should have the same points as every other melee weapon considering it's much easier to kill people with it and pretty much designed to be a proper weapon for the pyro and not just a desperation weapon like many other melee weapons are. I've been playing pyro a lot myself recently and I've gotten wayyy more kills with the postal pummeler/axetinguisher than with my flamethrower. I'd say getting a kill with a deflected rocket should be worth more than 2 points, though. None of this is a big deal or anything, just my 2 cents.

    My favourite thing is how the heavy only gets 1 point per kill with his miniguns. Totally justified :D

    By the way, how's the replay thing coming along? At the moment it just seems to be taking up a slot on the server without doing anything, unless I'm the only one getting the 'This server cannot record at the moment' or whatever error.
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