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    MetalDog wrote:
    It's tricky. If the other side has so many spies that you can't stop spychecking for longer than two seconds without getting stabbed in the back, it's a bit hard to do much.

    If a team has too many spies, they're not going to achieve the map objective anyway. They might get the saps and kills, but they won't be capturing points, pushing the carts or stealing any intel.

    You don't always have to check for spies with pyros - most spies use the DR so a quick check with any weapon will reveal a disguised enemy spy. And the uncloak noise is a lot more useful for pinpointing a spy than a pyro running around aimlessly wasting ammo in the hope of setting one alight.

    And a decent spy will be nowhere near an enemy pyro anyway, so it's a bit pointless stacking a team with them.

    Spies are sneaky by nature - they'll take advantage of an enemy not paying attention to what's happening around them. If you are isolated and never look behind you then prepared to be stabbed; it happened to me a lot when I played medic so I learnt the hard way to be constantly on my guard. After a while you just develop a sense for enemy spies in the way they move or act, and a quick bonesaw check sorts them out.

    Observation is the key to staying alive with enemy spies in the vicinity - just lookout for anyone acting suspicious, and listen out for that uncloak.
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