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    Here are the changes to the values I'd make:

    rank_flamethrowerpoints "2" //Flamethrower
    rank_flaregunpoints "2" //Flare Gun
    rank_deflect_rocketpoints "5" //Deflected Rocket
    rank_deflect_stickypoints "10" //Deflected Sticky Bomb
    rank_swordpoints "2" //Eyelander
    rank_lochnloadpoints "2" //Loch-n-Load
    rank_persian_persuader_points "2" //The Persian Persuader *NEW*
    rank_battleaxepoints "2" //Skullcutter
    rank_syringegun_medicpoints "2" //Syringe Gun
    rank_blutsaugerpoints "2" //Blutsauger
    rank_mediccrossbowpoints "2" //Crusader's Crossbow
    rank_overdose_points "2" //The Overdose *NEW*

    My reasoning is that pyro really doesn't deserve more points for killing people with his flamethrower or flaregun as it isn't more challenging than any other weapon. Killing with reflected rockets/stickies can be pretty tricky though and is awesome when it happens, so I'd say 4 or 5 points for that would be justified (those values do mean kills with reflects right? Not just the act of reflecting?). Demomen shouldn't get extra points for killing with melee weapons due to the shields they have making it easier for them to get kills with melee weapons than other classes. Lastly, we really shouldn't encourage "battle medics" in any way, so it'd be good to reduce syringe gun / blutsauger / overdose kill points down to 2.

    The spy points look okay to me, maybe reduce the revolver kills down to 2 but keep the backstab ones higher than usual I'd say, just like it is in game. Judging from that list, it doesn't seem possible to give additional points for sniper headshots, but if it is possible it'd be good to give them extra points for that.
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