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    Magic Panda wrote:
    Bloodloss wrote:
    Here are the changes to the values I'd make:

    rank_flamethrowerpoints "2" //Flamethrower
    rank_flaregunpoints "2" //Flare Gun
    rank_deflect_rocketpoints "5" //Deflected Rocket
    rank_deflect_stickypoints "10" //Deflected Sticky Bomb
    rank_swordpoints "2" //Eyelander
    rank_lochnloadpoints "2" //Loch-n-Load
    rank_persian_persuader_points "2" //The Persian Persuader *NEW*
    rank_battleaxepoints "2" //Skullcutter
    rank_syringegun_medicpoints "2" //Syringe Gun
    rank_blutsaugerpoints "2" //Blutsauger
    rank_mediccrossbowpoints "2" //Crusader's Crossbow
    rank_overdose_points "2" //The Overdose *NEW*

    Snipers get 2 extra points for a headshot.

    Some good changes I reckon but I disagree with the medic stuff and I think the Pyro is fine. It isn't any less challenging to kill with the flamethrower. Closing the range gap with a Pyro is a skill in itself and "Pure" Flamethrower kills probably only make up half of kills and half again will be assists. (backburner is another matter entirely... 0 points!). Reflect kills are pretty common but i'll double check if it's points for the kill or points for the act of reflecting.

    I reckon the Loch n Load is probably one of the hardest weapons in the game to use effectively.

    Battle medics are incredibly annoying, refusing to heal and trying to just rush in and kill people, I don't really see why it'd be a good idea to promote that with additional points for their kills.

    And I don't know, I'd say the vast majority of pyros get their main kills from the flamethrower. It's not hard to see why they have a reputation for W + M1 and they're generally regarded as one of the least skillful classes in the game, so I really don't see why they should get more points for their kills than any other class - getting the same amount of points as everyone else for a kill seems fair. I don't think closing the gap is particularly hard when you're faster than heavies, demomen and soldiers, and scouts need to get close to do good damage to you (at which point you can set them alight, and the DoT alone will do 50% of their HP in damage, and you can airblast them into a wall), and so on. Not that you even want to be charging head on as a pyro anyway, you'll ideally want to try and ambush people.

    The main thing I find difficult with pyro is reflecting rockets accurately, as good soldiers will fire unpredictably making it quite difficult, especially if they're using the direct hit, liberty launcher (very common nowadays), or you're at close range.
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