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    Metalfish wrote:

    I'd say the pyro is the least effective combat class against good players. I'd agree that they're easy to play, but not that they're easy to play well.

    A top scout pretty much only ever dies to flares when it comes to pyros, for instance, but a newb scout will find themselves crispy an waiting to respawn all the time.

    I often hear that but really disagree, either that or the EG server has some really bad players as I often top frag like a boss as pyro on there. I'll agree that it is worse than some classes such as heavy, but I think that's an issue of the heavy being overpowered, not the pyro being underpowered. I think if played properly (aka not a CHAOS PYRO who charges straight into groups of people) then the class can do very well.

    As for scouts... whenever I play scout, by some twisted black magic, a pyro's flames always manage to catch up to me even if he's far away and I'm running at full scout speed away. I don't know if it's because of lag compensation or whatever, but it's really annoying. If you want to do good damage and meat shot a pyro, you'll need to get close, otherwise it'll take quite a long time to bring 'em down. And if the pyro is good with a shotgun (which I always use as pyro) then it's even harder, because the shotgun is similar to the scatter gun and the pyro has 50 extra HP.
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