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    Budr wrote:
    Jibraeel wrote:
    Which scout's melee is considered good?

    There's a reason the Sandman got banned by the big leagues.

    Mainly because they ban things they think will slow down the game. Here's a list of things that were banned in the most recent season of ESEA:

    Mad Milk
    Candy Cane
    The Boston Basher
    Back Scratcher
    Loch n Load
    Claidheamh Mor
    The Ullapool Caber
    Brass Beast
    Buffalo Steak Sandvich
    Warrior's Spirit
    The Fists of Steel
    Amputator "

    Some of them may have been banned because they didn't think everyone had a chance to get them yet, but yeah. In general the sandman isn't considered particularly good (the health lost may not seem like a lot, but you really don't want to make it even easier than it already is for people to instakill you), and the atomizer is considered top dog at the moment.
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