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    Speaking of competitive gameplay videos, I recently discovered this guy's channel which has a lot of gameplay videos of him and his team playing in a high-level competitive setting, with the added bonus of you being able to hear what they said on Mumble. Very interesting to hear how they communicate and work as a team. I'd really love to get involved in that some day; maybe we can try and make an EG team some day and fail miserably in the lowest, open divisions/pickups/scrims. Or at least participate in future highlander (1 of each class) tournaments which are generally more laid back and not as serious.

    As for 2fort... I for some reason don't mind it and generally have fun on that map. I don't know what it is, it's just a classic. This is coming from someone who utterly despises maps like goldrush and dustbowl and pretty much every payload map, crits turned on, etc. Either way, it's nowhere near as bad as those two maps I mentioned which are chokepoint city.
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