#3304683, By super_monty To all early 360 adopters - anyone's still working?

  • super_monty 15 May 2008 20:40:06 56 posts
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    kalel wrote:
    I think mine died last night. Was watching a DVD on it when it suddenly froze up and I got a horrible pixellated image and a loud “ehhzhzhzh” noise. After turning it off and waiting a bit I turned it on, but it kept doing the same thing at various points in the process of loading up games or movies or even just the dash. It might just have been the heat pr something, I will try tonight, but I swear the shutdown noise it was making was different to normal, no red light yet though…

    Anyway, I had a look round other forums and there seems to be a view that in fact all Mk1 360s are fuxxored, and in fact if you have one that hasn’t yet broken, it will. Have we found this to be the case here?

    Also, I have a Core 360, am I right in thinking if I return it I’ll get a Premium back now?

    Hey that's how my xbox number 1 went kaput
    2,disk drive would not recognise disks
    3, scratched disks

    number 4 is an elite and is as sweet is ...so far....
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