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    nickthegun wrote:
    Its not really a retcon. It was a solution to the very real problem that the whole point of the x-men is that mutants are a persecuted minority. When the population expands to the point where they have their own city and you cant walk down a street without tripping over someone with eight arms, you have a fundamental shift in what the book is about.

    But then it went the other way and reduced the population so drastically, you couldnt have the warring ideologies anymore. Which was fine for a while but ultimately unsustainable.

    In summary: the x-men suck. Ive read them in a reasonably dedicated fashion for a while and I cant keep a track of whats going on. There is no internal continuity between books, so fuck them.
    You and me clearly see M-Day as totally different things. If Marvel had any balls they would have taken the whole "Mutants are the next strand of evolution" and gone with it all the way like Grant Morrison was doing. The marvel universe could have taken a fundamental shift towards something more expansive, inclusive and epic but whatever. This is all just speculation of course but it makes perfect sense in my head.

    But they just reverted to the status quo - warring ideologies as you said - because the mainstream American stuff has no interest in anything but that.

    And I agree, I can't take the x-men seriously whatsoever since Whedon.
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