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    Detective Comics is fairly shit nowadays. To go from Snyder's truly excellent run at the end of DC into the wankity of the New 52, it's a shame really.

    I haven't read Daredevil recently (ie the last five issues or so) but up until that I can say that it's uniformly amazing.

    The best comics of the last year or so have been Waid's Daredevil, Snyder's Swamp Thing and Batman, and Remender's Uncanny X-Force.

    Truly awesome stuff.
    You've obviously not read it recently then because with the 'Emperor Penguin' arc drawing to a close Layman is finally going to be given free-reign after all the tie-in continuity stuf has been resolved. He appears to be resisting a long arc structure as well, which suits his storytelling beautifully.

    I am still a bit irritated by the constant inconsistencies about the man-bat virus/serum between Detective and Inc, but both are superb at the moment, and as good as they have been post New 52.

    Blackacre and Revival are still the best ongoings in comics at the moment though, the former had its first trade out last week if anyone wants to get 'up to speed'.
    I honestly thought it was complete throwaway stuff that I was reading.

    I check IGN every now and again to see if it's reached the heights of when Snyder was writing for it, but apparently not.
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