#9348690, By macmurphy Al Pacino - yay or nay?

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    That film looks like at utter car crash. But Mirren + Mamet + Pacino + ginockerpod wig = televisual gold.

    Reading back the thread I always tried to make the example that Pacino is more of a star playing the same role in every film, and De Niro is more of an actor with more varied nuanced performances. But I think I'm talking shit. For every out of character or nuanced performance of De Niro (Stardust, Awakenings) he is unmistakenly De Niro in a lot of films - even his best like Raging Bull or Taxi Driver. You can find the same more subtle or unusual roles in Pacino's back catalogue (Dog Day Afternoon, Angels in America, Any Given Sunday - in the latter he is more wounded than usual but still has that Pacino flair).

    I will just never get bored of watching Pacino giving it big licks - Glengarry Glen Ross, Scent of a Woman, Carlito's Way, Scarface. You can talk about whether Pacino is a great and varied actor but in a way it becomes a bit moot, do you like his movies? I just can't get enough of them.

    As an aside I'm also in the Heat is best action movie ever camp. Kilmer discussing his wife, De Niro explaining about the glowing algae, when they sit for coffee, just the incidentals like the fracturing Pacino marriage, the young Portman. Add in arguably some of the finest action scenes in any movie and I can';t see how anyone doesn't love it. Kilmer cracks amazing mag changes too.
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