#1614944, By masc.box Only had it 6 hours- broken?!?!

  • masc.box 24 Aug 2006 19:38:07 127 posts
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    palmoff wrote:
    Pictures! No.... sorry. The GAME i bought it from was shut when i got there so i had to use the one around the corner.
    They swapped it straight away though, the manager said that it's also been quite common apparantley.
    I did delete all my profile info off of the HD and they've labeled the machine up to be sent back to manufacturer, so i guess it's now up to MS to make sure there's no private data stored on there.
    Haven't checked the new one yet though.

    If you're worried about it just change the password on your xbox live account at www.xbox.co.uk and migrate your account onto your new 360.
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