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    Jeepers wrote:
    You can make life a little easier as well, if you use a third character to throw your Cleric back into the base once the attack has succeeded (or failed!). That way, you can take on higher level critters without any risk to your newbie character.

    Haven't played the PSP version, but if it works the same as the original game that's unnecessary.

    Move the master character into position, bring their created character out to stand beside them, but don't use an action. Attack with the main, hopefully getting the combo. You can then undo the move of character you're levelling since they haven't used an action yet, returning them to base (or their previous position if they were already in play) and they keep the stats gained regardless.

    Because you undid the move, this character still hasn't had their turn though, so you can repeat this trying to get combos with as many of your other characters as possible, and still undo the character's move if you want them safe at the end of the turn.
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