#3943416, By mrblackett Russell Brand is the future of telly

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    squarejawhero wrote:
    Brand, witty and intelligent?

    Ross is. Brand is a cunt. If you've listend to the Forgetting Sarah Marshall commentary he adds nothing and his addlibs are basically nonsensical use of swearing and extreme imagery. My friends do better and with far more wit and flair on their bad days.

    I can't think of a single reason why I would ever listen to the Forgetting Sarah Marshall DVD commentary. I would rather eat a bag of hammers than watch another of Judd Apatow's mate's wretched fucking films. Judging him on the year or so I've listened to the Russell Brand radio show, which amounts to considerably more material than a two hour DVD commentary, he is witty and intelligent. He regularly makes me laugh out loud. You don't like him and that's fine but he's a successful stand up comedian, actor and broadcaster for a reason. He's funny and he's smart.
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