#3943714, By mrblackett Russell Brand is the future of telly

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    TheSaint wrote:
    DFawkes wrote:
    To be fair, I despise everything about Russell Brand, but this call didn't mean anything to me. It is a big fuss over nothing. What Brand and Ross get paid is a bit scandalous, but pales in comparison to the millions in bonuses bank bigwigs are getting, even though they're the direct cause. Pricks.

    But I digress, I agree it's an overreaction.

    Private companies can pay what they want as far as I'm concerned the BBC should not waste our money though.

    If the BBC didn't spend what they do on expensive DJs, commercial stations would get them and the Beeb would be left with the shite. Do you want the best possible public broadcasting or a pale imitation?
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