#3947213, By harrisimo Russell Brand is the future of telly

  • harrisimo 29 Oct 2008 09:55:56 383 posts
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    It's a damning indictment of the decline in standards in broadcasting.

    If it had been Chris Morris on the case, he'd have phoned the girl and joked about raping her grandfather.

    These presenters today - so tame.

    This whole utterly ridiculous NON-STORY is just the media jizzing themselves off like frenzied monkeys with hysterical faux outrage to whip up the plebeian masses into goo-eyed indignation about a couple of TV/radio presenters who no-one with the slightest shred of intelligence could give a fuck about, regardless of whether they liked them or thought they were the shittiest pair of talentless pricks ever. As for the politicians getting involved, well it just says it all.... they'll be banning the made-up drug cake next.
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