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    moggsy wrote:
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    I think regardless of whether you like Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross, the fuss being made says more about the British public than it does about the event itself. The economy is a fucked and we're in two morally questionable wars but because Manuel gets a couple of dodgy answerphone messages people start kicking off.

    /joins al-Qaeda

    Did you not notice a million people marching on London over the Iraq war? Also there are plenty of people kicking off about the economy trust me.

    So what, you think the fuss being made is rational? When I checked yesterday, 4,000 complaints were logged. Today it's 18,000. When the story made the papers only two complaints had been logged. If this is so fucking offensive, why did only two of Russell Brand's actual audience complain? It's pathetic.

    edit - Bill Door beat me to it.
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