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    TheSaint wrote:
    Shinji wrote:
    The only actual arseholes in this entire affair are the entire stable of News International newspapers / stations, which are using this purely to prosecute their commercial jihad against the BBC. The fact that both Brown and Cameron felt compelled to have input on this manufactured outrage just demonstrates how desperate they both are to win the backing of Rupert Murdoch before the next election.

    Realistically, any newspaper editor who okays "comedian upset after other comedians mock him" as front page news for TWO DAYS RUNNING needs his fucking head checked.

    Looked like it was the front page story in the Independent today as well. Might be time to take that tin foil hat off.

    Shinji's right. Murdoch hates the BBC. Anything that puts it in a bad light is guaranteed to be flogged to death by his papers. Don't be surprised to see Jonathan Ross signing up with Sky. He might even get his own channel like Richard and Judy. As for Brand, well he's going to be fucking huge in the US.

    As for the Independent, it's the fucking Independent. Anything that might increase sales is going on the front page.
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