#1615907, By WarKitty Er no it's not a penis pump...it's a..bomb!

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    T.G. wrote:
    T.G. wrote: Another take on it is: Man gets 3 years for being a silly sod! Now that ain't justice. :(
    WarKitty wrote: I dunno... lock all the idiots away for three years and see what state the world's in afterwards; if it's noticeably better, we can always send them back again. ;)
    T.G. wrote: Two problems with your plan: 1. The real eejits aren't to blame for the world's woes, it's the bastards with a bit of intelligence that do all of the serious damage. 2. There'd be no room for them all. Your best bet would be to lock the sensible people inside prison and keep the fools out!
    WarKitty wrote: Hmmm, with a 360 set-up and internet connection I'd certainly feel safer in there... (although without any muppets to manipulate, could the evil intelligentia achieve anything?)
    Yeah, I'd be happy enough on the inside with:
    a) Intelligent company (albeit evil company);
    b) Fast internet connection;
    c) Wii gaming goodness;
    d) Tard free EG.

    /cries at the bueaty of it all
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