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    jozz wrote:
    You've got to give Lesnar credit for his actual performances in the cage, especially since the UFC basically threw him against top competition in his second fight. The pro wrestling gimmicks i.e. being a 'heel' in interviews, flipping off the crowd etc. and the disrespect he shows to opponents and the staff is fucking embarrasing. I get that it's his shtick and it's clearly bringing in the WWE audience but it really doesn't do a growing combat sport favours when you're swiftly becoming it's biggest star, acting like that imo.

    What Henderson did to Bisping was pretty unacceptable too. Babalu got shit canned out of the UFC for holding a choke too long and that seems pretty tame in comparison.

    It's was a good card mind, not the bestevarTM but fun to watch. Unless I missed it Bruce didn't attempt the Buffer360 though :(
    He did it when he introed Lesnar
    LOL it was awesome!

    Also I used to be real skeptical of Lesnar (not being a fan of pro wrestling & not knowing much about his collegiate wrestling background), but the way you've got him is all wrong.

    He genuinely hates Mir. Mir shit talked NON-STOP. Lesnar didn't shit talk anyone but Mazagatti for that BS stand-up the first time. And if you pay attention you can tell Herb Dean tried to do the same thing w/ the action BS. Brock was extra-careful not to hit anywhere near the back of the head this time cause i think he knew they would try to stand it up. He didnt even hit the side of the head, only the face.

    Also, Why is it ok to give a BJJ guy time to maneuver for a transition but it's not Brock? I have a feeling they just didn't want the fight to look too one-sided.

    Lesnar vs. Fedor that's what I want to see.

    As for him shit talking the crowd i thought that was hilarious, they were booing him because he beat the local Vegas guy. He didnt give a ****. That's one thing i like about the guy, he's already loaded & set for life. So he's not going to suck up or get pushed around by the UFC like a lot of other fighters.

    Watch some interviews w/ him. He's really a pretty down to earth nice dude w/ even head on his shoulders.

    HDNet Inside MMA interview Part 1

    HDNet Inside MMA interview Part 2
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