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    jozz wrote:
    BeerBread wrote:
    He did it when he introed Lesnar
    LOL it was awesome!
    Heh, they must really not like him doing the move as it's alway cut from the broadcast. Thanks for the link.

    He genuinely hates Mir. Mir shit talked NON-STOP. Lesnar didn't shit talk anyone but Mazagatti for that BS stand-up the first time.
    He acted the same way with Herring too. It's alway good to see a good grunge match but when you've already beaten the guy to a bloody pulp it is a little classless to walk over and gloat about it. Which he's done twice now. Plus acting like a bit of a dick to the corner men and doctor too. Gimmick or genuine I just think you should show at least some common courtesy after the fight.

    As for him shit talking the crowd i thought that was hilarious, they were booing him because he beat the local Vegas guy. He didnt give a ****. That's one thing i like about the guy, he's already loaded & set for life. So he's not going to suck up or get pushed around by the UFC like a lot of other fighters.
    Yeah, some people got a kick out of it and some didn't. It was a funny speech at the end. He's obviously going for a love or hate type of appeal but I'd much prefer he didn't try to work any angle really. Don't get me wrong he is a great to watch fight it's just the bits before and after that are starting to grate ;)

    well, Herring shit-talked him as well. so did his corner. they even shit talked him right before the fight started while they were in their corners yelling "this aint the WWE!" and laughing. that's gunna piss him off obviously. I like herring as a fighter too, so im not just tryin to talk bad about him. but it's documented they did this. hopefully ppl will eventually find out that pissing off lesnar isn't gunna help them beat him. a lot of ppl think that if they can get a fighter angry that he'll make mistakes during the fight.

    however, i see no difference between shit talking before or after a fight. the amount of shit talking Mir did i think the humiliation brock tried to drop on him was justified. in interviews (not just the UFC promo-reel) but like ESPN radio and fight blog interviews he basically said brock wasnt a fighter and he wouldnt know what was going on and would be so confused he'd ask Mir for striking/submission lessons after the fight. of course he said it in a much more egomanical demeaning manner.

    maybe its because i listened/read so many interviews from them both that my attitudes changed. when i first heard lesnar was going to fight mir the first time i was hoping for brock to lose (because i always viewed pro wrestling as silly). But the more i learned about him the more i started to like him. Mir also the more i learned about him (heard him talk) the more i began to hate that dude. Not because hes confident, all fighters have to be who want to be champ. But because he's an egomaniac & a pseudo-intellectual. The guy cant even pronounce two syllable words right when commentating for the WEC and he thinks he's one of the greatest minds in MMA. it's ridiculous. So the fact that i hate Mir could be clouding my judgement. But i think that if one opponent shit talks a lot before the fight he should expect to be mocked after the fight if they lose. If a fighter wants to lose graciously, dont shit talk before a fight.
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