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    funkyd wrote:
    HMAN wrote:
    So so happy seeing that dickhead get a beating. No skillset at all once you can stuff his takedowns, absolutely embarrassing. Love it!

    How is Lesnar a dickhead? He was playing up to the role of the heel before, and was very humble in defeat last night. Don't really see what makes him a dickhead there.

    Think you've answered your own question there. I hate pro wrestling, I hate the term heel. MMA is a new professional sport which tends to have an image problem, it doesn't need people to start chatting shit on the mic. What it does need is people to show respect to their opponents and the fans. It also needs to rid itself of people purely there to wrestle fuck for 3/5 rounds and actually learn how to strike after 7 fights and not turtle up as soon as someone breathes on them.
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