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    It's fucking crazy! Especially after, already mentioned, all the shit he talked about Showtime. What's going to be interesting to see how everything shakes out in the end as I don't believe Strikeforce is going to stay it's own entity, even with them saying that it is, at least in it's current form. For the women fighters, Barnet and Daley and the CBS and Showtime TV deals especially.

    Man, on the one hand I can't wait to see Fedor, Overeem, Jacre, Diaz, Melendez etc. get put into the mix but on the other it's a little worrying now that there's almost no real competition in the marketplace. Daley is even saying he might pull out of the Diaz fight over this too, although it's probably not going to happen with his contract already in place.

    Going to be very interesting to see how this affects the sport as a whole in the long run. It's definitely going to be a good for the fans but hopefully it'll be good for the fighters too.
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