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    byakuya83 wrote:
    judo is watered down ju jitsu in any case. no point trying to out-wrestle americans.

    my two pence - personally I reckon Judo is a streamlined (Japanese) Ju-Jitsu (removing techniques that rely on pure strength in favour of leverage etc) and is very practical.

    Also, bar a leg lock or two it's all the same techniques as BJJ - the only real differance is the rules of competition which is why Judo concentrate on standing grappling and takedowns and BJJ concentrates on submissions from the ground. And in MMA that means BJJ has an edge as it fits that rule-set too.

    Anyway - I reckon a good base for a Brit who's already of fighting age would be someone who's done Judo and Rugby competitively through childhood to college age and has caught the MMA bug, transitioned to BJJ plus developed a striking art.

    For someone younger I reckon the growth of MMA training means you can be learning wrestling from the off alongside MT, BJJ etc and you'll be all good. Takedown defense and a dangerous gaurd though are essential as that still won't match up to the dedicated wrestling you get in the US.
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