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    dodgy motivational talks and especially the chicken salad rubbish aside, I'm finding Brock seems a decent coach and his fighters seem suitably prepared for their fights at this stage.

    I think JDS' strategy is a bit too contrary - too softly softly for fight training, but hard core (and slightly gimmicky) with conditioning and then his wrestling coach overcompensating when he's with the guys.

    I also think his first fight picks weren't well selected to get as many of his guys through as possible. Obviously pick fights you think can be won, but don't just pick off the other teams last picks against your top picks or you just leave your last picks against their top - pick good stylistic matchups.

    That said I'd much prefer to be coached by him than Lesnar.

    As for TUF itself - apart from the house based hijinks that go a little overboard and have too much attention, I like the format and actually think the preamble gives the viewer a decent vested interest (which I find I lose on regular UFC cards as with the amount of cards a year now stories don't seem to build and carry on between events).

    The lack of commentry on the fights and more idiosyncratic (not yet fully rounded / experienced) fighters tend to make for interesting fights (to me anyway).

    Although you can also get dull fights like the first of this season where a wrestler is easilly outmuscling the other guy but doesn't have the wherewithall to actually use positional advatage to try and end the fight with strikes / submissions etc.
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