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    craigy wrote:
    Man, Silva sure knows how to pounce on a mistake. What was Sonnen thinking to throw a spinning elbow?
    Sonnen looked so clumsy and arkward in the second right from the off, but I didn't really see how Silva managed to catch him enough to make that happen. Perhaps just a few clips and the complete change of pace from the first was enough to through Sonnen's momentum?

    As for the spinning backfist / elbow - I think it was being used as an oportunistic retreating blow. It's done a lot to back people off when escaping a clinch or when turned the wrong way. If it hits then great, but if not it normally poses enough of a threat to keep somone out of harm's way until they can reset. But then if someone like Silva neither walks onto it, nor backs away, then that leaves the elbower in a bad position.

    What's everyone's verdict on the knee? I think it was thrown with bad intentions (i.e. he was aiming for the face), but got lucky in that it missed and landed on the chest.
    I say - aiming for chest, but not too too toooo fussed if it clipped the jaw on the way. I think fighters are so conditioned not to knee a downed opponent that to actually train and drill for a dropping knee to the torso creates an attack that is both devastating and comes out of nowhere. And that's what I think happened.

    I tend to agree with the assessment of many that Silva greased himself. How much of a difference it made, I have no idea.
    It just looked so odd and obvious before the fight, that he was transferring grease to his limbs I can't think of an alternitive that's believable. It's a good thing it was a decisive end to the fight or else that'd've left too big a question mark on a close fight.
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