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    so many issues swirling around over this one.

    I think Jones should've taken the fight and should not have had too tough a time finishing Sonnen, but then he's within his rights to not take a last minute change of opponent when his title's on the line. Throw in that supposedly Hendo knew about his knee a fortnight or so earlier and IIRC trains at Team Quest with Sonnen, who could therefore have started prep and a gameplan for Jones well before the initial fight was cancelled and I can see how a schemer like Jackson would do everything he could not to take the fight.

    And Sonnen in no way deserves the shot, even if he's playing company man for once by offering.

    Slightly tin-foil paranoid I'll grant, but it would only be side issue and dissapointment if Dana hadn't used it as an excuse for scrapping the whole card, which was due to it being overly watered down.

    Also if I'm to believe couchpotato, then Silver did offer to step up and fight at LHW, just as long as it wasn't against Jones.
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