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    Interesting numbers! Judging a fight like that in the moment is a hellish job. Do those oblique kicks to the knee count as significant strikes?

    This fight is another in the growing pool where stuffing a takedown isn't given enough merit in the judges criteria. Stuffing 10 out of 11 of a champion's attempted takedowns is huge.

    Thing is, I don't like the implied bias we often see in round-scoring whenever there are close championship fights like this. Champions always seem to get given the benefit of the doubt and awarded the round when it's close. JDS even tweeted to say that to beat a champion on points you have to do a lot more than eke them in the rounds. Isn't that moving the goalposts a little bit, and showing bias towards the champ?

    I always thought a champion should defend the belt -- and what I mean by that is that the onus is on them to show that they are still a deserving champion by clearly winning. If a round is even, give it to the challenger. And make it so that the round scoring is immediately available for the fighters and coaches to see at the end of each round. That way you can show what the champion is really made of, and make them work to keep the belt. In this specific case a draw seems a lot more appropriate.

    If there should be a bias in scoring, the champ should be the one handicapped, not the challenger. Ultimately though, an implicit bias towards the champion shouldn't exist at all, and a challenger and champion should be awarded rounds on equal merit.
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