#1625429, By yiannis Can't wait for Vista?

  • yiannis 30 Aug 2006 00:20:49 308 posts
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    MS has promised to try and invigorate Windows Gaming. I can't even think of playing MMORPG, FP and RTS games yet on anything else until the Wiimote proves to be as fun as the mouse. (Halo can kiss my butt i didn't like the game much)

    Consoles have a Huge part of the pie but PC gaming is not dead yet.

    Vista might not be the very best thing ever (and i hope that there will never be one such thing so there is progress) but it's going to be the next best thing for a few more years for home use along with XP. I'm definitely getting Vista.

    Profesionals around seem to change into Linux (i plan to use Linux too for my 3D apps) but i wouldn't say the same about home users.
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