#1641555, By Xbox 360 Live Connection Problems - GRAW

  • Deleted user 5 September 2006 22:05:04
    Hi All,

    So in desperation I have come to ask for the help of the mighty forum!

    I have got myself of the bandwagon that is a 360 and am loving it, apart from one small thing. I keep getting dropped out of every (and yes I mean every) multiplayer GRAW game, It only seems to be GRAW that is affected.

    I have tried the following,

    - Wired connection from the router (Netgear DG834G) to the Xbox.
    - Given the Xbox a static IP.
    - A DMZ to the static IP.
    - Opened ports to the static IP (UDP 88 and UDP 3024) this was from the netgear FAQ. Not at the same time as above.
    - When I run the NAT Tests in the dashboard I get OPEN with out the DMZ and then STRICT when I setup the DMZ, which seems to be the opposite of what I was expecting.
    - I have even tried turning off NAT, but that got me nowhere.

    There is talk of a "patch" post Chapter 2, I is getting false hope that it would solve my problems?



    P.S. Bullet in the back of the head to anybody that can sort me out. In a friendly way of course.
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