#1643687, By eviltobz  Megatron (Transformers live action film)

  • eviltobz  6 Sep 2006 17:38:12 2,609 posts
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    i've really not liked the idea of them changing the vehicles, i've got a fair old transformers collection and i love the look of a load of the machines, but i can understand them wanting to make it look a bit more contemporary. but fuck me this shit is ugly.

    ok, so some people may not like the look of the original bumblebee with his little horns and stuff, but generally a chunky vehicle turned into a chunky robot and all looked good and was largely paralleled with the toy's transformations (/kick rachet and ironhide) but these look scrawny and flimsy and shite.

    i've just lost soooooooooooooooooooo (/breathes) oooooooooooooo much enthusiasm for this film i can't describe it, at least not without a lot of o's

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