#2622934, By andyk Downgrading / Custom firmware thread

  • andyk 14 Sep 2007 11:07:00 170 posts
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    Despite being complementary about you and your thread, you have decided to brand me as a moron and arrogant for challenging the search function of EG (which has been mentioned many times before across the forum). Good for you. I wouldn't want me raising a fair point with me either.

    However, since you have ignored me, my words will go unread by you. However, I have inclining that you are reading this and haven't ignored me. Regardless, I will save your arrogance, and suggest that you do not reply.

    For the rest of us who keep up with this thread - by all means follow the link a couple of posts back and make up your own minds and if anyone has an experience of using the Pandora Battery in the way I asked, I would be grateful (as I am sure would others) if you could share it.

    Thanks. Andy
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