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    dominalien wrote:

    That said, one annoyance I have with 6.20 HEN over my previous 5.50 GEN-D3 is that my legally purchased PSOne games from the US store don't work when my EU account is activated on the PSP. :-( They did on the CFW.

    With the 6.35 PRO HEN they have included an ability to share PS1 titles bought from the PSN, which is nothing more than piracy to be honest, however the one advantage is it bypasses the security for the account so once you are running HEN you can play any PSX games from any region. All you need to do is run the game once while running HEN, which creates Keys.bin in the game folder and you are done. Whenever you are running HEN now you can play your PSX games. Now all we need is the ability to play our own eboots.

    You would need to move to 6.35 though.
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