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    Kay wrote:
    So you can also play store-bought games from multiple regions all on the same account? This HEN is sounding more and more awesome.

    Are there any other advantages to upgrading to 6.35? I've kept it on 6.31 because apparently there's a downgrader in the works. Everything's moving so quickly now it's hard to keep up, it's like 2006 all over again!

    I assume you are using 6.31 PRO which is essentially the same HEN as 6.35 Pro as I understand, certainly the same devs who created it. It depends on what you use it for though, I would check the net for compatibility for any homebrew, but the ISO loader seems pretty stable from what I have read. It is only the PSX support that interests me.

    You can only play store bought PSX titles from different regions though, full PSN games need the activation changing.

    I also believe there is already a downgrade path for 6.31 and 6.35 if you look around the net.
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