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    ilmaestro wrote:
    So, having ignored any PSP firmware related things for ever (never saw the point of hacking something that is already region free), I now find out about Remote Joy Lite, which would allow me to actually play Blazblue Continuum Shift II with an arcade stick, and suddenly turn the PSP into something actually useful.

    My current PSP firmware is 5.55, can I still do something to enable me to run Remote Joy Lite? A foolproof guide to changing the firmware would not be unappreciated.

    The PSP is a Slim&Lite (the Crisis Core/FFVII 10th anniversary edition) if the model number makes a difference.

    Update to firmware to 6.35, no higher. Don't just do it through update on the PSP, find the 6.35 firmware online. Find 6.35 PRO B-3. It is a signed CFW which runs in memory until you turn off your PSP. Find and install the remote joy lite plugin.
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