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    theguy wrote:
    macksed wrote:
    Is the co-op any good on this? My only previous lego game experiences are the HP's which me and the other half enjoyed very much, and so I'm looking for another game for us to play through. (Or does anyone have any other Lego game suggestions that are particularly good for the co-op?).

    Also, does anyone know if there's been any news on a PS3 demo for this?
    The co op may be nauseating.
    Notice the way the screen splits. In free roam, the screen is fixed though with none of the bendy/twist shenanigans
    Thanks for that, it doesn't look particularly friendly :/ - - downloaded the demo from the US PSN store yesterday, so hopefully that'll have elements of that in so we can try it out...
    ...really hoping it does work well/she likes it!
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