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    mowgli wrote:
    Touchscreen showed its weakness yesterday when I was waiting for a bus in the freezing cold and couldn't turn the page with my gloves on. It is a concern, especially as I do a lot of my reading while walking but hopefully this damn place will heat up and I can take my gloves off.
    Get some of those touchscreen gloves, they work. Like other e-ink readers, I notice it's a little more sluggish in cold weather.

    You're right, you can't actually switch the backlight off completely.

    I bought the official case, it's pretty good, but I find myself using it naked these days. So much lighter and pleasant in the hand.

    Although it isn't perfect - irregular lighting at the bottom - it almost feels like a perfect device and such a massive improvement on my old reader, Sony 505. Soooooo much better for ereading than tablets due to weight, no lcd and no distractions.

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