#1653698, By brutal Testdrive & Burnout or time to send the 360 back?

  • brutal 11 Sep 2006 23:33:41 883 posts
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    dravenclarke wrote:
    The only game ive had crash on me is Oblivion.. maybe 3 times or so in 50hrs of gameplay, TDU and Burnout are both fine (although im going by the demos, not the retail game)

    If the games are more stable when the console is on its side it sounds like a hardware fault / cooling problem ?, I can't see how this would be a factor if the problem was in softwear.

    Way to go though is to, Formatt the HDD temp files (theres a button combo to do this from the dash, google!), Take the disks back and swap them if you can and then finally exchange the console would be your last option beacuse of the hassle and lost game saves :-(

    Demos are never a problem, and i've played some demos LOADS.

    The formatting HDD thing is a bodge and i quite like having things precached - thats the point of the utility drive. So if it's that being the problem MS can keep taking back faulty hardware until they fix it.

    Sending games back to play.com is frankly more trouble than sending back the whole console! :-) Thanks for your thoughts though!
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