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    thefilthandthefury wrote:
    Just a quick question... due to the fact that I have so many different styles of music on my itunes, it takes quite a lot of time to sort out which ones need which equalizer presets. Because of this I've never really bothered changing them before. However today I decided it'd be best if each genre had its appropriate preset.

    Now, I have a lot of reggae and dub and I was wondering if there was a way of downloading new presets for those. There aren't any reggae or dub ones on itunes itself and none of the others sound right, bar the R&B setting. Also I'm not knowledgeable enough to go tinkering with the equalizer myself.

    I'm probably missing the point of your question, but I'd say there's absolutely no good reason to use anything other than a flat response in the first place:

    1. the music will have presumably been mixed and mastered with an intended frequency profile

    2. if you start boosting low frequencies on anything other than good speakers, you'll just get distortion and muddiness

    3. if you boost high frequencies you'll just exacerbate the compression artifacts (assuming you are listening to mp3's etc that is).

    I've never seen the point of the equalizer post production, unless you're a DJ or something who needs frequency cut-off's etc. I always run my signal paths as clean and untainted by bass boost as possible.

    PS: I'd guess most dub and reggae (and indeed dub reggae) is all about the bass, so try boosting the lower frequencies. Maybe boost around the frequency of the vocal and snare? If you try fiddling with the EQ on anything by Rhythm & Sound I will cry though.
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