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    The prices are all relative. Do not know why everyone makes a big deal. Exchange rates are nothing to go by!!! In the US the average minimum wage is between $6-$7. The uk's is 5.35. So a young person there will have to work a little bit longer than someone in the UK to be able to afford this machine. The UK has a powerful currency and is always going to seem to pay higher prices but when you look at other country's wages and relate it to their launch prices, it is not so bad. This is a next gen console for under 200!!! you paid a hell of a lot more for and xbox and ps2 when they launched. finally think about all the great classics you will have access to that you have not played in years. i cannot wait.

    You crazy person...you spout off about it being a next-gen console and then say you can't wait to play all those games you've not played in years? Insane, you could buy a N64, Super NES and a NES and games for half the price.

    Or you could emulate them all for free.

    On *what* if you don't pay for anything?
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