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    From GAF (Short translation)

    "Yes, from what I understand they all basically say it's a bit difficult, has good variety and feels like a cool Hollywood movie."


    Google translator

    Water-pin 8
    In extreme circumstances, the scramble for survival and rescue.
    Realistic graphics, tension and a high degree of empathy can be played.
    For each scene, and tips on how to do different and keep making tired.

    Sawa 8 in Rolling
    In the excellent director, overcoming a major disaster will can enjoy a sense of realism and tension.
    Gun Shooting, car action, such as using the Wii remote and Nunchuk
    A variety of actions .

    Yayoi Honda 9
    Learn a variety of actions, to carve one's way to have fun.
    More than anything else, like how to throw hard in a very cool movie.
    Difficulty is a bit expensive, but we do have damage included.

    Devil Fujiwara 9
    From major disasters and terrorist attacks is a hot theme.
    You can enjoy a variety of nice action.
    Hollywood also cinematic good sense of realism.
    The hero, weapons and even have a growth element .
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