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    So, I just finished watching this.

    I started last Friday and 'What Kind of Day Has It Been?' ended an hour ago.

    I'm feeling kind of sad really.

    The show has now left a void in my TV watching, or TV existence for that matter.

    While the show had it's ups and downs (both inside and outside the series), I didn't care about all of that when I was watching the show. I genuinely cared about the characters, the romantic interest was great - it was quite tense at times - and the show itself is brilliant, and compulsively additive viewing too.

    The last four episodes, especially the finale, perhaps went all 'USA!' on the program and to the viewers alike but at least it had a conclusion that felt fulfilling. If anything, I liked how it went out; the final image and quote that follows it is quite heart warmingly lovely, and most importantly, acceptable.

    Oh goodness me, first The Wire now this.

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