#1685986, By PondScum All you arrogant drivers listen up!

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    FairgroundTown wrote:
    driving fast is a problem whatever sized car you are in.

    You can't seriously mean this - how is doing 80 on a motorway 'a problem' compared to 70? Either way with a blow out there'll be similar amounts of damage. There are no pedestrians. If you're driving too close both will cause huge damage.

    That's what's wrong with driving in this country - too much enphasis on speed as being the root of all evil, rather than dangerous driving such as driving too close or not paying attention.

    And trying to make them more acceptable by calling them "safety cameras"? Please! They don't measure "safety". They solely measure speed. Whether agreeing with them or disagreeing with them, at least be honest and call them "speed cameras".
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