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    driving fast is a problem whatever sized car you are in.

    You can't seriously mean this - how is doing 80 on a motorway 'a problem' compared to 70? Either way with a blow out there'll be similar amounts of damage.

    That's what's wrong with driving in this country - too much enphasis on speed as being the root of all evil, rather than dangerous driving such as driving too close or not paying attention.
    I really really agree with you on the speed thing. Speed is only half the problem, and isn't the root of the dangerous driving problem, and speed cameras are a joke; just an extra tax in disguise, they seriously are. I'm sure the cause of most crashes are momentary lack of attention, or trying a risky maneuver, typical of BMW drivers. Not all BMW drivers are maniacs, but all maniacs own a BMW.

    However, you have to admit that you can more easily lose control of your car driving at higher speeds. Especially in the wet, as braking distance is increased.

    Sure, and that's the exact point. All the bollocks advertising about "speed kills" - not true, inappropriate speed for the conditions are what can cause accidents. But I can have an accident at 50 on a motorway due to a momentary lack of attention by changing a CD...
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