#2407600, By korky Guitar Hero 2 on X360

  • korky 4 Jul 2007 11:26:29 40 posts
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    A bit like asking a junkie if crack is good, but...

    Does GH2 *really* live up to the hype? I was desperate to buy it back in April but couldn't afford it and got over it. I'm Just selling a few games off on Amazon though and I'll have enough to pick it up and I'm interested again. Is the co-op mode any good? A mate is thinking of picking it up too and it could be a selling point for us.

    I've never played any version of GH, don't really like dance mat games but did enjoy Donkey konga - so rhythm games are a mixed bag with me. Like all 70s throwback I did of course learn a bit of lead guitar back in my teens so there's a deep rooted urge to pick up a guitar again - even if it is a cheap plastic toy! ~60 is ****ing lot for a game though....
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