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    X201 wrote:
    billythekid wrote:
    Think I'll go and drive about with no lights on and up the arse of the car in front.
    Seems like it's the in thing.

    WTF is wrong with some people?

    There is the option of driving with your lights on, but remember to not clear the snow off them.

    Also, pretend that you're driving a tank, by only clearing a tiny vision hole on your windscreen.
    Fucking this times a million. What are they thinking?

    I managed to get in to work this morning - south west of Bristol, up the motorway, across the Severn Bridge, first junction after the tolls if you must know - only to find that the office was locked up and no one who has a key had managed to get there. So I just turned around and came straight home again - that was an hour and a half of my day wasted.

    Still, we now have a lovely snowman, snowdog and snowcat in our back garden.
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