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    HairyArse wrote:
    Can't believe you muppets are carrying this conversation on into here.

    That thread wasn't deleted because of my case of mistaken identity, it was deleted because it was absolute bollocks and because it was yet another of York's tiresome threads about nothing.

    Stop creating them, it's getting boring now. And my mod powers will always win. Don't make me use them. I've already had to use them more today than I ever have, what with your rubbish and stupid Nokia spammers.

    Just saw this. I respect that you can lock my thread if you choose to, and even if you were to unlock it, I suppose the moment has now passed.

    But that thread was just about as pointless as a lot of threads that slide by - and maybe that's says a bad thing about the forum in your opinion - but I don't know why I was picked on in particular.

    It was no different from a "post a joke" thread - people were posting decent replies. I've seen threads that are spammier, by far. Heck, finally Oasis got banned, but it took that to end his threads :D

    And as for ending with something along the lines of "My Mod powers: PWNED", and then deleting my post to Fluffy that followed it? :p

    /gets worked up for the first time on EG
    /has achieved true dorkdom :)
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